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Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heater
This is a passive, thermosiphon, heat pipe, system. It has no moving parts and is the latest, most efficient technology.
This is a very high-tech version of a black garden hose laying in the sun. Water inside the hose gets very hot.
Cold water, which normally enters your water heater in the house, is diverted through a pipe into the food-grade stainless steel tank on top of the collector tubes. Sunlight heates a fluid in the middle of the sealed glass collector tubes. The heated fluid rises to the top of the tube where it heats a copper rod. The rod fits into a copper nipple in the white storage tank. Inside the tank, water surrounding the nipple gets hot. When you turn on a faucet in the house, cold water flows in one side of the storage tank, forcing hot water out the other side and into the house.
Drinking water never comes in contact with the collector tubes, so there is no chance of anything toxic getting into your water. If a tube breaks, the rest of the tubes keep working and there's no leak because the nipple seals the tank.
1) Connect with tap water piping directly. Water is feed automatically by the water pressure. The vacuum tubes absorb the sun energy and transfer the heat to the tank via the copper heat pipe and the water temperature of tank is gradually heated.
2) If the water is expand and pressure rise to more than 6 bar. The P/T valve will release automatically.
3) The electric heater can be operated for backup heating.
56 Gallon Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heater
Our Solar Compact Pressurise Water Heater uses Evacuated tupes solar collectors.
Now available in 40 Gallon 56 Gallon and 80 Gallon, With 5yrs Warranty on tank.
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