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The Solar Pump is the perfect pump for a solar water heater. For most solar water heaters for single-family homes a 10 - 20 watt PV module is adequate. There are no electronic controller and temperature sensors to install, with none of the associated high-voltage wiring. The PV module provides the correct power to the Solar Pump to circulate the solar collector fluid when there is heat in the collectors. The flow rate is always at the right value to maximize the delivery of heat from the solar collectors at the highest temperature, without sacrificing thermal performance. Installers love the Solar Pump - it is so much easier to install than the controller-based systems. Homeowners appreciate the fact that ALL the energy used to produce their solar heated water comes from the sun, and none from the electrical grid that delivers electricity generated by environmentally damaging technologies.

The Solar Pump is also the perfect pump for low-flow irrigation and general water pumping. It can be used to pump most liquids, including water and water/glycol solutions.

Consider all the advantages:

quiet operation
life expectancy of over twenty years
ten-year limited warranty
no high-voltage electrical connections
no certified electrician to install the pump
no municipal electrical permit required
no high-voltage electromagnetic fields
PV Module

A 10 to 50 watt PV module powers the Solar Pump, depending on the flow and pressure requirements of your application. A PV module with Vmp of 16-17 volts is required, which is typical of most modules with 36 crystalline cells or 13 amorphous cells. Tell us your flow and pressure requirements and we will specify the correct pump model number and PV module.

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