Technical Specification:

Solarjam pressure stand alone model is a new type of solar water heater which adopts advanced heat pipe Technology. Highly efficient heat pipe absorbs heat from sunlight and transfers heat to the condenser end of itself. Condenser indirectly contacts with water through a cooper cap and it boils water by releasing heat gained from vacuum tube. It ranges from 150L to 250L.It have the following features:
Outer tank material: stainless steel or powder coated colour steel
Inner tank material: 1.2mm thick SUS304 food grade stainless steel
Copper heat pipe
Frame material: 1.2mm thickness stainless steel
Insulation material: 55mm thickness polyurethane
Suitable for mains pressure water(up to 8 bar/116psi)
Easy plug-in installation
Install the T/P valve on the pressurized tank
1.Start quickly, heat pipe transfer the heat to water tank in one direction and efficiently.
2.Anti-freezing in cold winter, whole system can work well in -35
3.No water in vacuum tube, so whole system can be still in service even several tubes are broken.
4.Withstand high pressure 6bar, testing pressure is 12 bar.
5.Whole system keep working all year round in hot and cold weather.
6.Easy to install and assemble, long lifetime.
The Solar Water Heater Loan provides financing to contributors and recognized institutions for the installation and retrofitting of solar heating systems.

The Solar Water Heater Loan is available to any contributor (only one is allowed per applicant) who can provide a title for a residential property or who has at least enough funds in their Contribution Accounts here at the NHT equal to the cost of the system + $20,000.  Contributors may apply regardless of whether or not they have already received an NHT loan.

You can borrow at an interest rate of 3% over a maximum period of 5 years (with a 5% service charge), to buy and install the system. The solar water heater system does not have to be installed on the house that is being used as security.  A portion of the loan may be used to purchase and install water tanks and pumps                                                                                                  Design by:Sheldon
80 Gal Pressurise Solar water heater
56 Gal Pressurise Solar Water Heater
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